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We, at BEAT Innovation Center, not only create entertaining and thought provoking content, but also look forward to create an impact, with a conviction that our content will change the way you look at life. Content, that can connect people with different tastes, cutting across ages. Our sole motive is to enlighten the readers and make them want more of our content. We are looking to build our brand by managing talent and through data analysis. To cut the long story short, we know what you need and you’ll love what we have to feed.


Our Services

Beat Innovation Center is a media solutions company based in New Delhi. We train and execute comprehensive media solutions from Concept to Design to Delivery. We bring in the latest production techniques & technologies with narratives that are unforgettable. With separate verticals for Visual Concept, Design, Animation, Online Graphics, Digital Communications and Video Production, we guarantee Unique Creation, Cheaper Price and Quick Service for our clients.


Our Training Program

Being a student, every candidate tends to gain theoretical knowledge only, which degrades the quality of the educated class. Even the most promising institutes follow the same principle. This is the major cause of being unemployed even after having a degree. It can only be cured by maintaining a balance between theoretical and practical concepts. Most of the students always run to obtain a certificate due to which they often lack in professionalism and the set of skills required for the desired job. Here comes the need for industrial training.
Our industrial training program has the aim to enhance the knowledge of the students from different fields and to provide the real-time exposure of the corporate world. We focus on transforming your career into a fruitful one so that every student gets placed in their dream company.


Swami Doldal

This Mythological guru is a pioneer of immaculate knowledge and an avid storyteller. He is as old as Gautam Buddha and as trending as PSY. His brain works faster than your 4G network and has all the informative and clandestine details. Go ask Wikileaks. Big or Small, his theory of life, revolves around the 3B philosophy i.e B.E.A.T, BLISS, and BUCKS.
Don’t go by his looks, He is a person for all ages. He might be living in the foothills of Himalayas but he also has the knowledge of every single subject, from Mythology to Neurology.

Our Brands


Swami Doldal

A celebrity with an arcane name, a person not seeking fame, Guruji enlightens us to reach the brightest spot in life. He is like a candle to a dark room. If you've got a problem, he is the way to every solution. He has helped many like us. Are you looking for any solutions?



He is the origin of all problems. He looks like a kid and sounds even more kiddish. He was there when Lord KRISHNA was imparting GITA, but Snakes have no ears, you see. What he lacks in attention, he makes up for in humour. He is certainly not a person you would like to mess with. Go ask ASTRO.



A pretty girl who lives in her own world of beauty. She has it all, but only if god was kind enough to give her a human face. An Astrologer of the modern world, she is consistent in false predictions. She has a friend and a foe in LABOTA. All she wants is one human face. Will you please trade your face with her consistent predictions?



A magical bag that has evolved more than any other tangible goods in the world. It was a store of jewels but is now like an online store for the modern world. Earned by Swamiji, but Labota carries it! This bag can make you as lucky as Labota is, or as prone to complaining as ASTRO.

Industries we serve

How Can We Help ?

We are developing varieties of contents on various topics in different formats and at significant platforms across many languages, so as to connect every corner of the society. You can be part of our multidimensional activities that will also go a long way in building your brand. We also analyse data generated through our ongoing projects that can help enhance the quality of your products and services. We have the potential to promote your services in the most efficient way possible. We also give a launchpad to your ideas through our network. Working across centers on multiple projects, we are innovative in our work. We don’t only manage talent, we generate talent out of you.


EVOLVE YOURSELF AND EMPOWER SOCIETY Begin your journey into the world of creativity and innovation at a place where you can give your ideas a stage, create waves of change and empower masses. At BEAT Innovation Center,we give you the flexibility of building the career of your choice and the possibility to grow into a variety of roles across multiple domains

Our Blog

How To Evolve Beat By Beat

Understanding the need for Equality and Respect Born as the most decorated creature created by the almighty, we, humans are still very different from one another. But the difference in our individuality shouldn’t be translated in the way we look at each other. The individuals shouldn’t be making any perception based on colour, creed, race, […]

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The Scarcest Resource Of 21th Century

We are the best creature created by the almighty, but have we done enough to earn the tag? We’ve grown up as a liberal and self-esteemed individual desiring to achieve everything we want. In order to earn the accolades in our life, we fail to recognise the purpose of our existence. The materialistic goals seem […]

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Core Goal Of Humanity

Whereas, most of the people assume education to be a 21st century AD process which manufactures productive money-making people, they often forget that even in the ancient 21 century BC humans would teach their next generation survival skills- although they didn’t term it as education. Pondering upon the end result of education, I see a […]

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How May We Help?


How long is a minute? Most of you will answer 60 seconds. But, if we ask you how powerful is this 1-minute? Is 1 minute, enough to change the world?
Now, imagine that you are given just 1 minute, to express yourself, speak out your mind, and move the world with your thoughts. It may sound difficult but if utilized properly these 60 seconds are enough to make you realize your potential, if not change your fate.
So, join us for this amazing activity called- Just A Minute (JAM), where 1 minute speech by every participant is enough to cause a stir!
The rules of the JAM are as follows:
• Individual participation for all age groups.
• Registration on first come first serve basis as we have limited slots.
• Topic will be given on the spot.
• Preparation time – 2 min.
• Speaking time – 1 min.
• You CANNOT be boring.
• You have to be grammatically correct.
• The competition is bilingual. However you are not allowed to make use of any inappropriate language or words. If any the participant will be disqualified.
• You will be judged based on wit, humor, spontaneity and various other criteria that depend solely on the discretion of the JAM master.
• There is no registration fee. Register now at
click here


For every word unspoken, every thought unexplained and every dream unrealized, there is an image that is formed in your mind- the image that is trapped inside you and doesn’t let you sleep. It makes you daydream and pulls you out of your nightmares.
If you feel that it’s high time that you have bottled up those images inside and choked yourself enough, then come out and express those thoughts, words and desires with the help of your brush and pallet. Participate in ‘Paint your dreams’- a painting competition where the only theme is- dreams.
The rules for the painting competition are:
• Individual participation for all age groups.
• Registration on first come first serve basis as we have limited slots.
• The theme for the competition is DzColor your Dreamsdz.
• Time limit:1 hour
• Sheets will be provided to the participants.
• Participants should bring their own colors and stationery.
• Creativity is a MUST. • There is no registration fee.
• The decision of the judges would be final.
Register now at:-
Click Here