2D Animation

Most of the people think that 2D animation now has become outdated and completely useless. But the majority of advertisements, films and cartoons are still being made with 2D animation because it’s cheaper and convenient. The need still exists to have a command over the software as well the 2D aspects & aesthetics. It not only enhances your illustration skills but also creates a base for an advanced form of animation. In this training, we will refine your skills under:

  • Cartoon Creation
  • Environmental Designing
  • Background Tracing
  • Concept & Scenes Creation
  • Bones and Settings
  • Scenes Creation
  • Animated Gif Image
  • Camera Movement and Settings
  • Sound Composing
  • Rendering in Multiple Video Formats

Career Opportunities:

  • Flash Animator
  • 2D Animator
  • Motion Graphics Artist