About Us

To possess a castle of our dreams, we tend to work harder and try to earn limitlessly. It makes our lifestyle rigid. Under such pressure, we often face lack of innovation and efficiency. Our company came across the same fact that people often make their life complex for uncountable and unaffordable desires. Rather than obtaining the dream castle, we want people to build the same on their own. For this purpose, we have mixed the core ingredients together i.e. Being, Energy, Attention and Time (B.E.A.T.). This is how our company Beat Innovation Center Pvt. Ltd. came into existence.

Beat Innovation Center got incorporated in 2014 and since then we are working as education and creative services provider company based in New Delhi. We train and execute creative services from concept to design. Our mission is to convert creative ideas into effective content. We are concerned about your tastes and preferences to make you read and explore more. The BIC team not only meets your expectations but also builds good relations to enhance your lifestyle. Focusing on the industrial competition, we always try to improve the quality of what we provide or generate.

Our Motto

Everything we do has an aim to leave a personal touch on reader's mind. Our mission is to convert cloudy ideas into effective and creative ones. We care about your tastes and preferences so we want you to read and explore more. BIC team not only meets your expectations but also enhance your perceptions towards life.
We follow a 3B philosophy i.e. B.E.A.T., BLISS and BUCKS. Here B.E.A.T.stands for Being, Energy, Attention and Time. BIC encourages you to earn bucks with happiness to create economic and social balance in the society. We generate motivational content in the form of visuals as well as text which keeps you connected. Cutting the long story short, we know what you need and you will love what we have to feed.