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Core Goal Of Humanity

Whereas, most of the people assume education to be a 21st century AD process which manufactures productive money-making people, they often forget that even in the ancient 21 century BC humans would teach their next generation survival skills- although they didn’t term it as education.
Pondering upon the end result of education, I see a man not only capable enough to earn a square meal, but also being able to take decisions that would give him happiness. Life is not just about how much you earn, it is equally about what you do in this world to make people remember you. People won’t talk at your funeral on how much property you’ve made but about how you’ve made a difference during your lifetime- although a good social status is the one that will ensure a riteful enough funeral at the first place.
Interestingly, we all are incomplete humans. Those making a fortune miss out on life, those making a life are left out of fortune. The current scenario has led to parents forcing their children against the natural flow of their talents because they want them to have luxurious life which can be harboured by a particular profession only. Depression is more common than typhoid these days because people can’t achieve their full potential, the world is constantly pushing them against their own. Geniuses are trampled upon, creativity is neglected and innovation is replaced with mainstream. All the resources we have are diverted unequally. Balance is missing and personality has become ideal example of polarised narratives. With each child being pushed into the society, progress is crying. Although success rate of individuals has raised over the decade, but financial success is incomplete without bliss.
Although it may seem a bit difficult at this moment, the future lies in an education system which builds individuals who can channel their energies to achieve this balance in life.

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How long is a minute? Most of you will answer 60 seconds. But, if we ask you how powerful is this 1-minute? Is 1 minute, enough to change the world?
Now, imagine that you are given just 1 minute, to express yourself, speak out your mind, and move the world with your thoughts. It may sound difficult but if utilized properly these 60 seconds are enough to make you realize your potential, if not change your fate.
So, join us for this amazing activity called- Just A Minute (JAM), where 1 minute speech by every participant is enough to cause a stir!
The rules of the JAM are as follows:
• Individual participation for all age groups.
• Registration on first come first serve basis as we have limited slots.
• Topic will be given on the spot.
• Preparation time – 2 min.
• Speaking time – 1 min.
• You CANNOT be boring.
• You have to be grammatically correct.
• The competition is bilingual. However you are not allowed to make use of any inappropriate language or words. If any the participant will be disqualified.
• You will be judged based on wit, humor, spontaneity and various other criteria that depend solely on the discretion of the JAM master.
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For every word unspoken, every thought unexplained and every dream unrealized, there is an image that is formed in your mind- the image that is trapped inside you and doesn’t let you sleep. It makes you daydream and pulls you out of your nightmares.
If you feel that it’s high time that you have bottled up those images inside and choked yourself enough, then come out and express those thoughts, words and desires with the help of your brush and pallet. Participate in ‘Paint your dreams’- a painting competition where the only theme is- dreams.
The rules for the painting competition are:
• Individual participation for all age groups.
• Registration on first come first serve basis as we have limited slots.
• The theme for the competition is DzColor your Dreamsdz.
• Time limit:1 hour
• Sheets will be provided to the participants.
• Participants should bring their own colors and stationery.
• Creativity is a MUST. • There is no registration fee.
• The decision of the judges would be final.
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