Swami Doldal

Swami Doldal is a mythological guru with an ingenious mind. He is an enthusiastic storyteller. His brain works faster than your 4G network. Don’t judge him by his looks. He had been living in the Himalayas for thousands of years but easily gets fit in the modern world as well with any age group. From mythology to rocket science, he possesses the knowledge of every subject exists on the earth. His immaculate knowledge defines his unique and simple vision for life. The theory of his life revolves around a 3B philosophy i.e., B.E.A.T., BLISS, and BUCKS.

Labota (B-tech)

He is the black sheep of our Doldal family. A human faced snake acts more like a kid and love to annoy others. Labota has a good sense of humour as well. He was there when Lord Krishna was imparting the Gita but the absence of ears made it useless for him. Would you ever prefer to mess with such a guy?

Astro (M.B.A.)

She is an astrologer who is very much consistent with her false predictions. She is the admirer of her own beauty. Astro got a friend as well as a foe in the form of Labota. The desire of a human face never dies in her. Will you please trade your face for her attributes?


Labota carries this magical bag which was initially earned by Swami Doldal. After reaching into the hands of many people, the bag has finally delivered to Labota. The bag is more like a supermarket. From precious jewels to the fascinating commodities from latest online stores, it contains everything. Would you like to give it a try?