Fashion Accessories Designer

Fashion accessories designing is a critical task which helps a product to consistently gain more importance in the fashion industry. This training introduces the participants to basic drawing and colouring to present the creative ideas into beautiful designs. The training is short and intense which gives a real feel for the fast-paced fashion industry. Under this training, we will train you for:

  • Pocket Square & Tie Designing or Layout
  • Geometric Designs
  • Floral Designs
  • Polka Print
  • Animal Print
  • Technical Print
  • Funny Print
  • Four Colours
  • Rangoli
  • Religious
  • Cartoon Print (Human, Vehicle, Nature, Bird, Sport, Toy etc.)
  • Pocket Square Folds
  • Tie Design and Shape
  • Bow Shape
  • Bags Design
  • Belts Design
  • Shoes Design

Career Opportunities:

  • Accessories Designer
  • Pattern Designer
  • Cushion Designer
  • Textile Designer
  • Embroidery Designer
  • Texture Designer
  • Fabric Designer