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How To Evolve Beat By Beat

Understanding the need for Equality and Respect

Born as the most decorated creature created by the almighty, we, humans are still very different from one another. But the difference in our individuality shouldn’t be translated in the way we look at each other. The individuals shouldn’t be making any perception based on colour, creed, race, sex, caste and religion. Specially in a multi-cultural country like India, “Unity in Diversity” is the way to go. We have got so many ethnic groups cutting across religions and regions. The amount of cultural diversity we have got is unparalleled. But as many different things bring varieties, they also bring the clash of opinions. A problem like this is very easy to germinate in our society. But it is we, as a proud patriot, need to uproot such differences. The unity in itself is an overused but underestimated term. If you look at our nation’s history, whenever we have gone beyond the lines of nationality and humanity to get our identification as a person from certain community, we’ve opened the gateway to hell. Our rulers have exploited us on these lines, for centuries. It is also necessary for us to understand the practical mind of Indians living in the Indian society. We are very close to our spirits, origin and culture. We’re very proud of it as well, that’s again a good thing; But have we given enough room to other cultures, so that it can prevail in our society? The hard answer is a big “NO”. And, of all good things we’ve done, this is the place we need to work on. The tolerance inside our mind should not only be restricted to the people of our community, it should’ve no boundaries. The best way to respect our belief is to give respect to other’s belief. And this thought process shouldn’t be left for someone else. The charity should begin from home. The responsibility to look everyone from equal eyes lies on our shoulders. He, who is good by his deeds should be respected for his deeds only, irrespective of caste, region and religion he belongs to. Always remember, it’s not the creator who creates differences, it’s our evil mind that does. Let’s sanctify this portion of brain.

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How long is a minute? Most of you will answer 60 seconds. But, if we ask you how powerful is this 1-minute? Is 1 minute, enough to change the world?
Now, imagine that you are given just 1 minute, to express yourself, speak out your mind, and move the world with your thoughts. It may sound difficult but if utilized properly these 60 seconds are enough to make you realize your potential, if not change your fate.
So, join us for this amazing activity called- Just A Minute (JAM), where 1 minute speech by every participant is enough to cause a stir!
The rules of the JAM are as follows:
• Individual participation for all age groups.
• Registration on first come first serve basis as we have limited slots.
• Topic will be given on the spot.
• Preparation time – 2 min.
• Speaking time – 1 min.
• You CANNOT be boring.
• You have to be grammatically correct.
• The competition is bilingual. However you are not allowed to make use of any inappropriate language or words. If any the participant will be disqualified.
• You will be judged based on wit, humor, spontaneity and various other criteria that depend solely on the discretion of the JAM master.
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For every word unspoken, every thought unexplained and every dream unrealized, there is an image that is formed in your mind- the image that is trapped inside you and doesn’t let you sleep. It makes you daydream and pulls you out of your nightmares.
If you feel that it’s high time that you have bottled up those images inside and choked yourself enough, then come out and express those thoughts, words and desires with the help of your brush and pallet. Participate in ‘Paint your dreams’- a painting competition where the only theme is- dreams.
The rules for the painting competition are:
• Individual participation for all age groups.
• Registration on first come first serve basis as we have limited slots.
• The theme for the competition is DzColor your Dreamsdz.
• Time limit:1 hour
• Sheets will be provided to the participants.
• Participants should bring their own colors and stationery.
• Creativity is a MUST. • There is no registration fee.
• The decision of the judges would be final.
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