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Plus vibes is an entertainment & cultural event, organized by Beat Innovation center. Through our event, we aim to   bring forward young and raw talent. Through an array of events, we   intend to create a platform for audience to display their skills, as well as to have good time!
Through our event, we seek to introduce our project which aims at motivating minds. With the help of our resources we stimulate young minds, to thrive for success. To cut the long story short, through our event, our motive is to incubate young mind in the most interesting and fun way!

FAQ :-

Q) Is there seating at events?
Ans. Yes, certainly we will provide seating to all pass holders. One of our crew member will
always be there to assist you in finding a seat if you need one.

Q) Should I book in advance?
Ans. Yes as we have a small venue we highly recommend prior registration.

Q)Can I come early to an event?
Ans.You are welcome to come anytime!

Q)Can I get something to eat?
Ans.You certainly can! We would be having a provision for that.

Q) Is there a provision for alcohol?
Ans.No, Alcohol would not be allowed inside the premises. We would serve tea, coffee and soft drinks,
and other snacks.

Q) Can I bring my own food and drink?
Ans. No, but if necessary you can carry baby food.




contact no. +91 9560193387

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How May We Help?


How long is a minute? Most of you will answer 60 seconds. But, if we ask you how powerful is this 1-minute? Is 1 minute, enough to change the world?
Now, imagine that you are given just 1 minute, to express yourself, speak out your mind, and move the world with your thoughts. It may sound difficult but if utilized properly these 60 seconds are enough to make you realize your potential, if not change your fate.
So, join us for this amazing activity called- Just A Minute (JAM), where 1 minute speech by every participant is enough to cause a stir!
The rules of the JAM are as follows:
• Individual participation for all age groups.
• Registration on first come first serve basis as we have limited slots.
• Topic will be given on the spot.
• Preparation time – 2 min.
• Speaking time – 1 min.
• You CANNOT be boring.
• You have to be grammatically correct.
• The competition is bilingual. However you are not allowed to make use of any inappropriate language or words. If any the participant will be disqualified.
• You will be judged based on wit, humor, spontaneity and various other criteria that depend solely on the discretion of the JAM master.
• There is no registration fee. Register now at
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For every word unspoken, every thought unexplained and every dream unrealized, there is an image that is formed in your mind- the image that is trapped inside you and doesn’t let you sleep. It makes you daydream and pulls you out of your nightmares.
If you feel that it’s high time that you have bottled up those images inside and choked yourself enough, then come out and express those thoughts, words and desires with the help of your brush and pallet. Participate in ‘Paint your dreams’- a painting competition where the only theme is- dreams.
The rules for the painting competition are:
• Individual participation for all age groups.
• Registration on first come first serve basis as we have limited slots.
• The theme for the competition is DzColor your Dreamsdz.
• Time limit:1 hour
• Sheets will be provided to the participants.
• Participants should bring their own colors and stationery.
• Creativity is a MUST. • There is no registration fee.
• The decision of the judges would be final.
Register now at:-
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