PrintMedia / Designer

Print media is the best source for delivering any information of public interest. Unlike the textual content, the layout and the visual content gather a large number of eyes. The arrangement of attractive ads and pictures with written content is an art itself. There are certain points exist on the print stuff (magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, brochures etc.) where the reader’s eyes fall first. Under this training, we will train you to design all the print media related stuff. Along with text wrapping and alignment, the topics we’ll be covering are:

  • Advertisement
  • Booklet, Menu
  • Brochure / Pamphlet Templates
  • Article
  • Publisher
  • Newspaper, Newsletter
  • Poster
  • Handout
  • Comp Card
  • Event Program Design
  • Catalogue Design
  • Magazine Cover
  • Profile, Portfolio & Resume
  • Creative Business Report

Career Opportunities:

  • Print media designer
  • Advertising Industry
  • Magazine designer