Our company works on various creative projects related to voice-overs, graphics, animation, designing, videos etc. Among multiple projects, we focus on maintaining the quality to meet our clients’ requirements. BIC has a skilled and experienced staff to bring out the best form of the product needed. We provide a launch pad to your cloudy ideas and convert it into an innovative one. Along with such projects, we also create fruitful networking with people. So,assign your projects under affordable prices and get the best quality with faster delivery.


Targeting the kids, we’re making a cartoon series called Manku Ferrari. It has an aim of entertaining and educating the children about moral values and general etiquettes. With the help of attractive visuals and interesting stories, they will get to learn basic things to manage their day to day life at such a young age.


It’s a 3D animation movie based on Indian history. The movie has three parts prescribing India’s contribution towards global development since ancient time till now. This project has taken place to inspire the youth and make them learn lessons from our historical stories so that they can maintain the dignity of our nation.

Talent Zone

We believe in inspiring the youth and looking forward to providing a stage for their career. It not only builds talent bank for us but also opens up career opportunities for the modern generation. We try to work as a bridge between an institute and industry model.this is our own innovation model has an aim to make the youngsters understand that practical knowledge is equally important to become the master of their own creativity. In gist, we want right people to choose the right place to exhibit their talent.


The Doldal project is the core element of our entire methodology. Under this project, we create motivational content in the form of videos, blogs, stories etc. The project got initiated to make our audience run after betterment of their lifestyle.

Hyper Local

This project is going to hit the market soon in the form of an e-commerce platform. Hyper-Local will be providing good quality products and services to the local communities.


The story will help you to understand about various business strategies. It’s a journey of ‘The Waterman’ which begins in a normal desert and ends up over an ocean. This story describes how the weirdest obsession of the protagonist turned out to be a grand business.