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The Scarcest Resource Of 21th Century

We are the best creature created by the almighty, but have we done enough to earn the tag? We’ve grown up as a liberal and self-esteemed individual desiring to achieve everything we want. In order to earn the accolades in our life, we fail to recognise the purpose of our existence. The materialistic goals seem to be too cute for us. The amount of money earned has become directly proportional to happiness. But the bank balance is not the right indicator. It’s far from true.
The hard truth of a satisfied life is how happy you’re with your work. Millions of rupees won’t buy happiness or won’t buy you means to happiness. If a person can seek happiness in whatever he does, then basic living condition is the sole requirement from there on.
The above statements look more philosophical than anything. But hard truth lies in the fact that the material you possess won’t last forever, but your source of happiness will. Think of the most prized possession (material) you had about three years ago. In all likelihood that thing might not be with you. But if you think about a beautiful book that you read during the same time, you can easily recall lots of good memories from it. Or, think about how Yash Chopra died of malaria- a disease thought to infect only the poor class. But, despite all the money he couldn’t decide his own death, because money can buy you medicines but not life. Even in death, he had to leave behind all his possessions. Apart from leading a happy life, one also needs to ensure that good people should keep coming and occupying the spots already occupied by the unnecessary ones. In other words, one always need to keep meeting the right people so that the source of happiness could be increased.
Always remember, humans are social creatures. So, one need to have certain set of people who can emit vibes of positivity and happiness. And if you can spot people like these, never let them go.

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How long is a minute? Most of you will answer 60 seconds. But, if we ask you how powerful is this 1-minute? Is 1 minute, enough to change the world?
Now, imagine that you are given just 1 minute, to express yourself, speak out your mind, and move the world with your thoughts. It may sound difficult but if utilized properly these 60 seconds are enough to make you realize your potential, if not change your fate.
So, join us for this amazing activity called- Just A Minute (JAM), where 1 minute speech by every participant is enough to cause a stir!
The rules of the JAM are as follows:
• Individual participation for all age groups.
• Registration on first come first serve basis as we have limited slots.
• Topic will be given on the spot.
• Preparation time – 2 min.
• Speaking time – 1 min.
• You CANNOT be boring.
• You have to be grammatically correct.
• The competition is bilingual. However you are not allowed to make use of any inappropriate language or words. If any the participant will be disqualified.
• You will be judged based on wit, humor, spontaneity and various other criteria that depend solely on the discretion of the JAM master.
• There is no registration fee. Register now at
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For every word unspoken, every thought unexplained and every dream unrealized, there is an image that is formed in your mind- the image that is trapped inside you and doesn’t let you sleep. It makes you daydream and pulls you out of your nightmares.
If you feel that it’s high time that you have bottled up those images inside and choked yourself enough, then come out and express those thoughts, words and desires with the help of your brush and pallet. Participate in ‘Paint your dreams’- a painting competition where the only theme is- dreams.
The rules for the painting competition are:
• Individual participation for all age groups.
• Registration on first come first serve basis as we have limited slots.
• The theme for the competition is DzColor your Dreamsdz.
• Time limit:1 hour
• Sheets will be provided to the participants.
• Participants should bring their own colors and stationery.
• Creativity is a MUST. • There is no registration fee.
• The decision of the judges would be final.
Register now at:-
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